Supplier Details

Coastal Cold Storage, Inc.

Address P.O. Box 307
Petersburg, Alaska 99833
Mailing Address 306 N. Nordic Drive
Petersburg, Alaska 99833
Phone Number 1 (907) 772-4177
Email Address
Website N/A
Plant Locations Petersburg
Type Wholesaler - Processor - Retailer
Has Catalog No
Has Price List Yes
Export Overseas Yes
Sell To Individuals Yes
Sells 25lbs or Less No
  • Black Cod (Sablefish): Dressed, Fillets, Frozen, Smoked
  • Clam, Geoduck: Live
  • Clam, Littleneck: Live
  • Crab, Dungeness: Live, Frozen
  • Crab, King: Frozen, Live
  • Halibut: Frozen, Fillets, Fresh
  • Lingcod (Greening): Fillets, Frozen
  • Oysters: Live, Smoked, Canned
  • Rockfish-Snapper: Fillets, Frozen
  • Salmon, Chinook: Fillets, Fresh, Frozen, Dressed
  • Salmon, Chum: Roe
  • Salmon, Coho: Fillets, Fresh, Frozen, Dressed
  • Salmon, Sockeye: Fresh, Frozen, Lox, Dressed, Smoked, Fillets
  • Scallops: Frozen
  • Shrimp and Prawns, Coonstripe: Frozen
  • Shrimp and Prawns, Pink: Frozen
  • Shrimp and Prawns, Sidestripe: Frozen
  • Shrimp and Prawns, Spot: Frozen